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Shanghai shunyun industrial co.,Ltd. Quality Info

Shanghai shunyun industrial co.,Ltd.
Shanghai shunyun industrial co.,Ltd.
City: Shanghai
Province/State: Shanghai
Country/Region: China
Tel: 86-21-62153163-806
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Miss Susanna Qiao
Quality Control


Quality control manual

Quality Control Process

SHANGHAI SHUNYUN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is committed to provide top standard products to customer with full QC system coverage in China manufactures.

I. Factory Evaluation

SHUNYUN always put our own partner factory as the first choice supplier,other factories &trader as second. We rate supplier into 3 ratings and to determine who is qualified and reach standard of Shunyun required.

a.>First class supplier: Excellent factory (good quality,good price,good service)

b..>Second class supplier:Have minor issues at some particular area (most is quality),we would like help them and press them to improve their skills to meet requirements.

c.>Third class supplier:Have major issues at some particular area and need time to corporate with them,but their good attitude and good service can also let them join us.

II. QC Inspection Steps

To ensure qualified shipment,SHUNYUN QC shall have following steps to supervise production process in manufacture department & factory.

a.>Pre-production meeting and plan order:

After checking factory certificate ,Shunyun QC will have ameeting with them to verifying material,workmanship,

production line and delivery time before mass production.

b.>In-line production:

Supervise production and quality status and reported to the office especially the sales who responsible for the order.

b.>In-line production:

Supervise production and quality status and reported to the office especially the sales who responsible for the order.

c.>Finished production:

Shunyun QC will bring the finished products into our own processing and stock warehouse in shanghai which easy to catch the shipment date.And also do inspection of material,qty,size,and shape etc while be record into the stock resources.If necessary, We will take SGS test,BV test,NCS test etc third party inspection for ensure the quality.

d.>Final supervise of loading:

Shunyun QC witness the products loading into the container for every orders and make supervise report with packing details record documents to the office.

e.>Quality assurance:

Shunyun buy insurance from “Zurich insurance” for every orders for customer in case any accident happens and take fast steps to slove

III.How to do QC inspection

a.>Prepare file for QC inspector

QC shall take along file involves the order .The file shall contain:

Purchase order details.

Proforma invoice

Product spec of shipment

Any special instructions

Approved MTC(mill test certificate)

Packing & packaging instruction

Packing details record form

b.>Carry out QC inspection

Shunyun QC must collect the order file in warehouse as well as min.80% shipment was packed before going to do the inspection. Must ensure size,qty,shape should reach PO.When defects are identified they need to be marked on the product and take photos into record.Minor defects needs customer confirmation of usability or not. Major defects should be record in failure inspection.

Steel plate:±5%

Structure steel(H Beam,I Beam,Angle,Channel):±6%~±8%
Thickness tolerance as below without special requests from customer:

Square pipe:±3%~±8%

Seamless pipe:﹢2%

Material test should reach approved MTC,and Our material standard as below:

Standard Grade

Method of



Chemical Components% Mechanical Property
C≤ Si≤ Mn≤ P≤ S≤ Nb≤ V≤ Ti≤

Tensile Strength


Yield Strength





≤16 16~40
Chinese Standard Q235B Z 0.2 0.35 1.4 0.045 0.045       370-500 ≥235 ≥225 ≥26
Q345B Z 0.2 0.5 1.7 0.035 0.035 0.07 0.2 0.2 470-630 ≥345 ≥325 ≥21
Q420B Z 0.2 0.5 1.7 0.035 0.035 0.07 0.2 0.2 520-680 ≥420 ≥400 ≥18
Q420C Z 0.2 0.5 1.7 0.03 0.03 0.07 0.2 0.2 520-680 ≥420 ≥400 ≥19
Q460C Z 0.2 0.6 1.8 0.03 0.03 0.11 0.2 0.2 550-720 ≥460 ≥440 ≥17
JIS Standard SS400 Z       0.05 0.05       400-510 ≥245 ≥235 ≥23
SS540 Z     1.6 0.04 0.04       ≥540 ≥400 ≥390 ≥17
EN Standard S235JR Z 0.17   1.4 0.035 0.035       360-510 ≥235 ≥225 ≥26
S235JO Z 0.17   1.4 0.03 0.03       360-510 ≥235 ≥225 ≥26
S235J2 Z 0.17   1.4 0.025 0.025       360-510 ≥235 ≥225 ≥24
S275JR Z 0.21   1.5 0.035 0.035       410-560 ≥275 ≥265 ≥23
S275JO Z 0.18   1.5 0.03 0.03       410-560 ≥275 ≥265 ≥23
S275J2 Z 0.18   1.5 0.025 0.025       410-560 ≥275 ≥265 ≥21
S355JR Z 0.24 0.55 1.6 0.035 0.035       470-630 ≥355 ≥345 ≥22
S355JO Z 0.2 0.55 1.6 0.03 0.03       470-630 ≥355 ≥345 ≥22
S355J2 Z 0.2 0.55 1.6 0.025 0.025       470-630 ≥355 ≥345 ≥22
ASTM Standard A36 Z 0.25 0.4   0.04 0.05       400-550 ≥250 ≥250 ≥23
A572-50 Z 0.23 0.4 1.35 0.4 0.05 0.05 0.15 0.15 ≥450 ≥345 ≥345 ≥21
A572-60 Z 0.26 0.4 1.3 0.04 0.05 0.05 0.15 0.15 ≥520 ≥415 ≥415 ≥18



A Z 0.21 0.5 ≥2.5C 0.035 0.035      

c.>Inspection result

After the random sampling inspection, The QC officer should judge objectively whether the steel quality meets customer’s atandard. Under normal condition,the inspection result would be one of the following.



Steel quality meets required standard,the accumulated numbers of defects for individual class(Major or minor)are below acceptance number of the GB.JIS.ASTM standard.
The pass status may include a letter guarantee by the supplier (or from the manufacture department) which can only sign from inspector with red inspect stamp.
The passed products can ready to loading, and inspector take last step to supervise the goods load into container and take record with photos and mailed to the customer.


Due to incomplete reference material,there is a need to future evaluate or communicate the findings with QC manager personnel,related merchandising staff or customer,in some cases, if the products still needs to be verifying by a specific testing,the shipment will be pending for the test result.

d.>Shunyun always would not like to see re-inspection happened and prefer all orders can be passed at one time and catch the shipment at planed.And in fact,the failure inspection rate of the order still exist and can reach 1/500, we would like re-inspect again.

Shunyun QC always keep synchronous update with the office and involves staff,in case quality failed pass the inspection,we would like find resolution firstly, and then if necessary, will keep customer know at one time and willing to take responsibility to make customer satisfied.
Thank you for support!


Shanghai shunyun industrial co.,Ltd. Certifications
Issued By:
Shanghai shunyun industrial co.,Ltd. Certifications
Number: SHIN1603012961ML
Issue Date: 2016-04-06
Scope/Range: Steel products test result
Issued By: SGS
Shanghai shunyun industrial co.,Ltd. Certifications
Number: 14R10760
Issue Date: 2014-05-22
Scope/Range: Steel products impact test result
Issued By: NCS
Shanghai shunyun industrial co.,Ltd. Certifications
Number: SHIN1401000262ML
Issue Date: 2014-01-09
Scope/Range: -20° Steel charpy test result
Issued By: SGS
Shanghai shunyun industrial co.,Ltd. Certifications
Number: SHIN1510049031ML
Issue Date: 2015-11-03
Scope/Range: plate strength test result
Issued By: SGS

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Shanghai shunyun industrial co.,Ltd.



Contact Person: MissSusanna Qiao

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